Rebuilding God’s House: Renovating GKK chapel

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Last July 12-23, 2022, the Kaloob Foundation, in coordination with the Divine Mercy Parish in Digos City went to repair the chapels of the two rural GKKs. The group was composed of Assumptionists Br. Mark Vincent Madronero, Fr. Cristopher Quiñal and Novice Jundelle Romulo Jalique, and French volunteer scouts Jolane Pessel and Valentine Carre.

The repair works differed in each of the chapels. In the first chapel (GKK of San Isidro in Barangay Soong) the renovation focused on the old termite-infested wooden-truss roof in the chapel and was replaced with a new and painted metal-truss roof. The second chapel (GKK San Roque in Sitio Pangaguran), was given new metal foundations, a metal-truss roof, a concrete wall in the altar area, additional layers of hollow blocks at the side and front walls, and concrete flooring that was done in just a span of two weeks. Though the group made some valuable help to the workers, it was the community engagement that made the work meaningful. Since the group stayed with the host family (extended family in the Filipino context) and in the area, a close connection was developed as a product of Filipino hospitality and close family ties. Collaboration with the local officials as well as GKK chapel officials was also deepened and can be a springboard for future partnerships for development and social work, all for the Kingdom of God.

One of the chapels after renovation. People contributed in little ways to finish the work.
The community at prayer before the renovation. The chapel becomes a place of worship, fellowship, and community life for the people in the area.
Brs. Mark Vincent and Jundelle with the French volunteers and a resident of the place. Through their efforts, the renovations were made into reality.

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