Lay-Religious Alliance Monthly Gathering

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Ramon Rivera, Pavel, Manila

Despite the pandemic, the Alliance is gearing up for more activities in the upcoming months and is still inviting more people to join. Part of these activities is two succeeding gatherings of the Alliance. The first gathering took place last May 28, 2022, hosted by the Adveniat Community. The highlights of this gathering include allowing new members to get acquainted with one another, and with the Assumptionists who are part of the core group of the Alliance. A Holy Mass was celebrated followed by interactions of the members over a simple dinner.

The second gathering of the Alliance was held on July 2, 2022,  hosted by the Pavel Community. Blessed with the presence of the Vietnamese student-brothers, who are in the Philippines for English studies, it was also an opportunity for the lay members to meet and interact with the Assumptionist brothers who were formally introduced individually to the assembly. This second gathering also featured some sharing about the Lay-Religious Alliance activities in France, given by Br. Romel Bautista, AA, a Filipino Assumptionist currently studying in France. An input on Fr. d’Alzon and on the history of the Augustinians of the Assumption was given by Nov. Jundelle Jalique. After all inputs and introductions were made, the members of the Alliance ate dinner together with all the Assumptionists. We give thanks to God for the gift of being able to gather, and we pray for perseverance and strength to work together for the Kingdom of God.

Bro. Rommel Bautista, AA, sharing his experiences of the LRA in Lyon, France where he is currently assigned.
Novice Jundelle Jaligue led the discussion on the history and spirituality of the Congregation to the participants.

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