Holistic Formation Through Instrospection

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Religious life is at a constant renewal. Our founder, Fr. Emmanuel d’Alzon invites each religious to renew his commitment to Christ daily. Once a religious accepted the call of the Lord, it entails big responsibilities to form and be formed in the His likeness. We embrace the reality that we are like “clay” that needs to be formed in the hands of the Good Shepherd. From the moment we gave our fiat to the Lord, we slowly surrender ourselves to the care and the formation of our formators and brothers in the community.

In this line of thinking, it is essential that each brother in-formation (even those in final vows and ordained) understand the proper context of the formation and the possible help that may put solutions or enrich the formation process.

 Last March 12, 2022, the formators of the Territory invited Sr. Cecille Tuble, a Cenacle sister who is working in the Our Lady of Angel Guidance Center. She assisted some of our brothers in their clarifying and solving their issues in formation. The one-hour dialogue with Sr. Cecille gave rich insights on the process of their Center and the way they conduct the sessions. She gave important points that opens dialogue with the brothers. The important fruit of this meeting is the understanding of the psychological process as part of introspection (knowing oneself) and of the  holistic formation of a religious towards perfection.

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