Going Back to the Earth This Lenten Season

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Last Saturday, 05 March 2022, the Adveniat community together with the brothers of the Pavel community and the Martin Yen residents came together for the monthly recollection on the theme, “Going back to the Earth this Lenten season.” Our speaker is Fr. Abundio Babor, JR, MSC, who is also our professor in Moral Theology and a known advocate of Laudato Si.

In his inputs, Fr. Jay-R (as he was fondly called by his students and colleagues) shared the importance of going back to mother Earth by being aware of its deteriorating condition due to human indifference towards the creation. As we saw in many natural calamities in recent years due to climate change, we must be aware of our responsibilities to our common home and remind ourselves of the value and our role in the great cycle of life.

After the inputs, he requested the brothers to take time to reflect on his sharing and to form groups per community for their small group sharing. Each brother was given time to share his reflections and proposed actions. After the small group sharing, representatives of the groups shared the fruits of the session.

The recollection ended by giving our long-time commitment to nature by changing our lifestyle, proper consciousness in using appliances, proper segregation of waste, recycling, and by participating in ecological activities such as planting trees from our Lenten savings.May this environmental awareness renewal help us to be more productive in taking care of the earth in communion with our brothers and sisters and in the spirit of Laudato Si by our Holy Father, Francis.

Fr. Jay-R during his input on the care for creation as an important component of our Lenten journey.
During the sharing of brothers per community: Adveniat Community
 During the sharing of brothers per community: Pavel community

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