Father Provincial Visits Digos Community

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Fr. Jay Hector Lituañas, AA, St. Augustine, Digos City, Davao del Sur

In his third and perhaps last visit to the Philippines as Provincial of Europe, Fr. Benoit Bigard took time from his very hectic schedule to visit the new Assumptionist community and first Assumptionist parish in the country. Last September 1, Fr. Benoit arrived in Digos City in the southern Philippines and concelebrated in the Cebuano mass presided over by Fr. Jay Hector Lituañas. After the mass, he interacted with some parishioners and devotees of the Divine Mercy. He toured the parish premises and took some photos of the area. He spent the rest of the day having a dialogue with the Brothers.

 On the morning of September 2, the community with Father Provincial had a meeting with Digos Bishop Guillermo Afable and the meeting lasted for an hour and a half. The Bishop expressed his gratitude for the presence of the Assumptionists in his diocese. Before returning to Manila last September 2, the Provincial had a luncheon meeting with the community and stressed to the community about its religious, Assumptionist identity, and to be aware of the creeping temptation to become diocesan in the face of its largely pastoral engagement.

Fr. Benoit Bigard with our brothers in the Digos community: Frs. Cris Quiñal, Jay Hector Lituañas, Rev. Jojo Thien and Novice Jundelle Jalique.
Fr. Benoit, with Fr. Jay and Rev. Jojo made a courtesy call to the beloved bishop of the Diocese of Digos, Most Rev. Guillermo “Jimmy” Afable, DD.
Frs. Benoit and Jay, assisted by Rev. Jojo during the Holy Mass in the parish church. It is also a Thanksgiving Mass for the visit of the Provincial.

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