DO YOU LOVE ME?: A Retreat Sharing

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The conversation between Jesus and Peter is a manifestation of love in the form of Agape and Philia. It is a creative love that comes from the salvific plan of God for all. These questions come to mind when I reflect on the love of Jesus: why is the difference in words for love in this conversation? Why do they use agape and philia love? In the first two questions of Jesus, it is in the form of agape love which is not based on the value of the person loved but rather on his unconditional for us as bearers of His image and likeness. That love is generous and kind and must be felt by us and should be evident in our character and the whole system of personhood. This should be shared even when others are unresponsive, unkind, and even unworthy.

The third time Jesus asked Peter pertains to being relational. It is up to us, brothers, to build brotherly love. Jesus is inviting us to tighten our relationship with Him. Jesus wanted to know our love in him not just because we know him as a God. This is the means of Jesus in showing us the true communion by our sincere care for others in the best of who we are. Yes! Peter may have denied Jesus three times and in our turn may have failed him many times in our actions and deeds. But Jesus affirms Peter when he answers “YES LORD!”, and entrusted to him the Church.

FEED MY SHEEP: When we respond to our vocation, God will also entrust to us the care for others in the community and to accompany someone in their journey. But it requires the total embracing of and acceptance of the gift of faithful love and promises Him our faithful love in return. To entrust the care of his children in spite of Peter’s failures means one thing: That whenever we fail God in everything we do, He asks the same inviting question: DO YOU LOVE ME? Then, we know that we are building his love and Kingdom in our lives.

Br. Louie Flores, AA, as he delivers his sharing during the Annual Retreat of the AA brothers in the Philippines held last June 1-7, 2022 at Digos City, Davao del Sur.

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