Divine Mercy Community Celebrates Season of Creation

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The Diocese of Digos launched its diocesan-wide celebration of the Season of Creation with the theme: “A Home For All”, last September 2, 2021. The Divine Mercy Center Community through different religious organizations together with our AA brothers participated in this celebration last September 10, 2021, by cleaning the surroundings of the Shrine and participating in the Holy Mass. The celebration also posts a deeper reflection: “God is calling us to adhere on His call, a call to renew our common home. Our world is now facing serious threats to its ecological balance such as climate change, global warming, massive grassfires, melting of polar ice formation, desertification, soil erosion, loss of natural habitat, and this pandemic.

 As part of this program, the Divine Mercy Center community was asked to be mindful of our Christian stewardship by helping save our home through correcting their selfish mindset, the total ban on tree cutting, the use of plastic and non-biodegradable materials, and proper waste disposal. Lastly, environmental saving activities were launched such as planting more fruit-bearing and flood resilient trees and vegetables for food, the use of usable bags, repair things rather than throwing, and uniting in stopping industries that cause pollutions and environmental poisons.

This area is part of the Shrine where Nature and Christian Spirituality meet. Other parishioners help in maintaining its cleanliness

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