Celebrating our Jubilee on Christmas and New Year as a Family

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With the purpose of celebrating the Yuletide season as a family, our brothers from the three communities Adveniat, Novitiate, and Pavel, gathered together to celebrate the 175th anniversary of our foundation as Augustinians of the Assumption (AA) on December 25, with a solemn Holy Mass and renewal of vows using the formula used by Fr. D’Alzon together with the first group of brothers. It was really a time of blessing, specially dedicated to thanksgiving to God in allowing us to be apostles of the Kingdom, as we serve our brothers and sisters. A sumptuous lunch was shared by all. In the New Year, the brothers gathered at Galabert house to welcome the new year with prayerful thanksgiving, shared meals, and a simple program. The Dominican Sisters of our St. Rose of Lima from Vietnam and the brothers prepared the said event. It indeed a joyful celebration with a renewed faith and hope that though it is still the time of the pandemic, our mission of bringing Christ love and the Kingdom will bring light and grace to our brothers and sisters that we served. May this year 2021, be a year of renewal, grace, and peace to all!

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