Assumption Language College Resumes Face-To-Face Classes and Launches New Website

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After more than two years since Assumption Language College shifted all its classes online because of Covid-19 pandemic, the language school based in Quezon City in the Philippines welcomed new learners to its in-person classes on 18 April.

The new set of learners are made up religious and lay people from Vietnam, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, and Brazil.

ALC, however, will keep its online classes so that it can continually cater to learners who are still unable to travel to Manila to have their language classes or cannot have their face-to-face classes because of work in their home countries.

ALC gives classes in English, French, Spanish, Tagalog/Filipino, and Mandarin.

Aside from these languages, it also offers IELTS and TOEFL Review and Preparation classes for its mostly religious clientele who eventually study theology or philosophy in the universities in the Philippines, the United States, and Europe.

ALC, which will celebrate in July of this year its 13th year of providing contextualized language training to its very diverse student body, seeks to widen its reach by expanding its market to foreign nationals in the Philippines who are working in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry.

To help the language school in this goal, ALC recently re-launched its official website. The new site provides current and prospective learners information on admission, scholarship, and accommodations they can avail of while learning their language of choice.

Visitors may also checkout the various course that ALC has to offer and directly contact the administrators for inquiries and enrollments.

Interested individuals may visit the school website at

Photo 1: Teacher Vina teaches her two Vietnamese learners the essential language skills in her IELTS Review and Preparation Class. The two learners are preparing for their entrance examination and application to a Theology school in Manila.
Photo 2: During the first ever face-to-face “Meeting with the Superiors and Formators” after the pandemic, Teacher Brian is seen here giving superiors and formators who send their brothers and sisters to Assumption Language College (ALC) information about the school and its courses and programs. 
Photo 3: Fr. Bernard Holzer, the school director of Assumption Language College, delivers the welcome address during the opening and orientation program for the 2nd Cycle 2022, the first time ALC returns to in-person classes after 2 years of purely online classes.
Photo 4: The first group of learners and teachers who join the return of the face-to-face classes in Galabert House, in Loyola Heights, Quezon City poses in front of the camera after the opening program.

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