An Encounter with the Provincial Superior

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Ariel Vidanes, AA

It was indeed a rare but great opportunity for the Lay Assumptionists to meet and spend some time with the Provincial Superior of the Augustinians of the Assumption, Fr. Benoit Bigard, AA. This happened on the 3rd of September 2022 during the regular monthly gathering of the Lay-Religious Alliance at Adveniat House in Quezon City, Philippines. The animators of the Alliance took this opportunity while the Fr. Benoit was in the Philippines for various meetings, visits and exploration trips in Manila and in our new parish community in Digos, Davao del Sur. 

Especially that Alliance in the Philippines is still in the birthing stage, listening to the Provincial Superior speak about the Way of Life for Lay Assumptionists, the role of the Lay-Religious Alliance in the building of the Kingdom of God in us and around us, and his experiences with Alliances in other countries inspire the members to respond to this call to collaborate with the Church’s mission as builders of communion and fraternity. Both the lay and religious members were keen to ask questions and share their thoughts on the discussion and about the future of the Alliance in the Philippines. Present also was Fr. Jay Hector Lituanas, AA, the Delegate of the Superior here in the Philippines.

Despite the strong rain and heavy traffic that day, the members made their way to be present in this encounter with the Provincial Superior and with the rest of the Assumptionist community. A fun-filled socials followed the session where everybody participated and enjoyed the games and other group dynamics to strengthen the bond and fraternal relationship of both the Lay and the Religious. 

Fr. Benoit Bigard sharing his experience of the Alliance in other countries.
Photo opportunity of the Lay and Religious with Fr. Benoit Bigard after the session.

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