AA Philippine Territory Christmas Party: Thanksgiving for a Year Full of Blessings

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A simple and yet memorable Christmas party of the AA communities in the
Philippines was held last December 12, 2021, at the Adveniat House. The theme of
this year’s Christmas party is, Nőel 2021: You are a gift and a star! The event was
opened by the Eucharistic celebration of the Third Sunday of Advent with Fr. Rex
Christus Navarro, AA as the main presider, and Fr. Andre Kambale Kasyoto, AA, as
the homilist. The guests include the Dominican Sisters of St. Rose of Lima, staff of
our Assumption Language College (ALC), Bayard Philippines, and some friends of
the brothers. A delicious dinner followed and the program started with the showcase
of talents of the brothers and participants. Games were also played that made the
event lively hosted by the Adveniat and Pavel communities.

The pandemic situation in the Philippines is getting manageable. With almost
60 % of the total population being vaccinated, restrictions were loosened and people
began to report to work and churches were open for worship and activities. The year
2021 is full of challenges and at the same time full of blessings. This is what sustains:
Jesus, our Emmanuel, will be born again in our humanity and he will never abandon
us. He is our gift and the star of our Christmas feast as we build His Kingdom within
and around us.

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